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Water boosting can make all the difference to any mains fed system. Whether it’s a Megaflo cylinder or a Combi boiler, they rely on the pressure and flow of the incoming water supply.

The water undertaker only needs to supply a paltry 1 bar pressure and a flow of 9 litres per minute! This may be adequate for traditional gravity systems, but not for mains fed systems supporting the demands of modern living.
Poor water supplies are hugely improved using Accumulators or Pump Sets.

Accumulators offer a cost effective way to improve the supply pressures by providing a buffer of stored water. Air within the accumulator, contained within a rubber diaphragm, is compressed by the incoming water pressure, or charging pump (where necessary). When a tap is opened, the water is forced out from the accumulator to the tap; it can be compared to blowing-up a balloon, and then letting the air out quickly.

Accumulators are an ideal solution for properties where the mains water supply cannot keep-up with the required demand; this is often the case with larger properties where multiple bathrooms may be in-use simultaneously.

Improved performance of a Megaflo or unvented system is often the driving factor for the installation of an accumulator or pump set. In this scenario, the design and installation are key factors. Pipe sizing, choice of components and technical design will greatly affect the overall performance. Accumulators are modular. They can be added to at a later date in increase capacity (assuming the design and layout allow).

Sizing is important too; an accumulator can run out of water! It won’t do any harm, but when empty, it will revert back to the original supply flow rate until it has re-filled. Once all outlets are closed, the accumulator will automatically begin refilling and stop once the supply pressure is reached.

Following a long conversation with the technical department of a major pump and expansion vessel manufacturer, we quickly realised that even the Industry Specialists fail to underdstand the basic principles!

This prompted us to record this demos video below to prove it works!

Boost-a-Main Accumulator

The video below demonstrates the benefit of an accumulator with a charging pump; the results are extremely impressive! This shows a single shower, and then a second, third and forth are switched on, and the flow reverts to a barely a dribble. Switch on the accumulator, and you instantly have full flow to all four showers. When designed and sized correctly, accumulators can service as many outlets as required.

Pump Sets

A pump set is made up of booster pump(s), a cold water break tank, an accumulator vessel, and some controls. They are ideal for areas with poor or unreliable mains pressure, or where the water supply cannot be made large enough to feed multiple outlets at once.

Typically, two pumps are used to provided duty/assist operation, with both pumps only running together at maximum load. Addtionally, the use of two pumps also allows water to be provided should one pump fail – this is very important. The cold water tank must be sized to provide both hot and cold supplies at times of peak usage. A large ball-valve in the cold tank is used to maximise the input from the mains.

The accumulator is essentially a pressure vessel that stores a volume of high pressure water, and prevents the pumps from having to run when someone is only brushing their teeth.

The larger the accumulator, the more water can be drawn without the pumps operating; this helps reduce wear on the pumps and 60 litres is a typical size. The controls provide the duty / assist operation using pressure switches, but will also alternate which pump comes on first to even out the wear, and also provide pump over-ride and protection. Pump sets generate as much water, and pressure as you specify.

Water Boosters

Water Boosters are used to improve the water supply to domestic properties with Megaflo or Unvented hot water systems. These typically consists of a storage tank with one or more pumps to provide a neat and compact solution. Additional storage tanks may be required depending on the usage.

Pump Noise

Modern pumps are generally very quiet, but where possible we recommend keeping them away from living and sleeping accommodation. A garage or outbuilding is ideal!

Below is a video of a DAB Esybox pump installed in a garage. It’s no louder than a washing machine, and you can even hear the water refilling whilst the pump is running.

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