Secondary Circulation

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There is always a delay when first drawing off the hot water. This may be just a few seconds or up to several minutes. It depends on several factors, with the main one being the pipe length – i.e. the distance from the hot water source to the outlet.

If the hot water takes longer than 30 seconds to reach the outlet, then Secondary Circulation may be the solution.
Without it, the water needs to be drawn off (and typically wasted) until fresh hot water reaches the outlet.

Secondary Circulation is a closed-loop system that circulates hot water around the property, close to the outlets. The hot water is pumped around the property to ensuring the hot water is available almost instantaneously. The bronze or stainless steel pump is controlled by a timer, a pipe stat (to measure the temperature of the water), or by other methods.

Hot water secondary circulation circuits are best designed into new hot water systems where required, but can generally be retro-fitted to depending on the existing pipe layout and design.

Any exposed pipe work must be well insulated to minimise unwanted heat loss from circulating the hot water.

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