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A Megaflo System does not guarantee high-performance. Customers, and worryingly, ‘qualified’ installers often misunderstand this!

Symptoms present as reduced pressure when using multiple outlets, including washing machines, dishwashers or flushing a WC. Also fluctuating shower temperatures when using another outlet. Unusable and far from ideal!

Poor Megaflo performance is affected by various factors. These include water pressure, flow rate, number of bathrooms, number of occupants, installation pipe work, system design, etc.

Usually the water source (and input to the Megaflo) needs to be improved; either by boosting the pressure, increasing the flow rate, or both! You cannot pump the output of a Megaflo Unvented system, so the solution needs to be applied upstream of the unvented cylinder.

Megaflo Accumulators and Boosters​

The performance of a Megaflo System relies on a combination of water pressure and flow rate. Legally, the water undertaker only needs to supply a minimum of 1 bar pressure and 9 litres per minute flow rate, at the suppliers stop tap. This is fine for traditional gravity systems, but unsuitable for modern mains pressure Megaflo systems.

For Megaflo and other brands of unvented hot water systems, manufacturers typically recommend a minimum of 1.5 bar pressure and 20 litres per minute. This may be fine for small, single bathroom properties, but for multiple bathrooms, we certainly recommend higher pressures and flow rates. These would be calculated according to customer requirements.
If the water supply cannot keep up with peak time usage, then overall performance is likely to be disappointing.

Where the mains water supply is insufficient to ‘power’ an unvented hot water system or cannot deliver the desired performance, then an Accumulator, Pump Set or Water Booster will offer the ideal solution. See article on Water Boosting.

There are various benefits in specifying an accumulator over a pump set, and also vice versa. Each one has it’s own advantages depending on the particular situation. Almost all jobs are unique, but the principles are the same!

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