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Megaflo cylinders are available in various sizes and configurations to suit most hot water applications. The type of heat source is a key factor. The Megaflo Indirect cylinders are heated by an external heat source, such as a gas or oil boiler. The Megaflo Direct cylinders are suitable for electric-only installations by using one or more immersion heaters. The standard Megaflo Eco is suitable for most domestic properties and is available in sizes ranging from 70 to 300 litres.

The Megaflo Eco Plus range of cylinders are ideal for larger multi-bathroom properties, light commercial applications, or simply where higher flow rates are required. These have larger inlet and outlet tappings which enable higher flow rates through the cylinder.

Megaflo Eco

Megaflo Eco units are designed and manufactured to a very high quality using the latest manufacturing techniques. They boast numerous innovative features designed to ensure high levels of operating efficiency. 

The combination of its lightweight and very strong construction makes Megaflo Eco easier to handle on-site. Every unit is pressure tested in the factory to 15 bar – five times the normal operating pressure – making Megaflo Eco suitable for all domestic applications and a wide range of commercial applications.

Download the Megaflo Eco Installation Manual (pdf file).
Megaflo Eco Plus

The new Megaflo Eco Plus range of high-performance cylinders promise a truly outstanding performance when lower pressures are involved. At 1 bar the units can deliver some 79 litres of water per minute which is almost double that of a typical cylinder of this type. At 3 bar the range can deliver up to 130 litres per minute.

The Megaflo Eco Plus range provides for high-quality large capacity cylinders at a competitive price. These too can be installed in parallel applications to deliver just about any hot water requirement.
Manufactured from Duplex Stainless Steel the units are lightweight and offer the highest levels of corrosion resistance.

The indirect versions utilise a ‘state of the art’ corrugated steel coil which ensures that the units can heat in less than an hour. With flow rates of up to 130 litres per minute Megaflo Eco Plus cylinders are industry-leading. Direct units are equipped with four 3kW immersion heaters as standard offering a 12kW heat input.

However, what sets Megaflo Eco Plus apart from the competition is the care and attention given to the heat retaining design. The cylinder is encased in the highest quality CFC free foam insulation.

No other cylinder range offers this level of heat retention. This is very important when you consider running costs, compromising on heat retention could mean wasting 10kW per week or 500kW a year.

Available in capacities from 250 to 1000 litres the new Megaflo Eco Plus range is suitable for virtually any large domestic and light commercial whether the requirement is Direct Indirect or Solar.

Megaflo Commercial

Designed for the most demanding applications, whether it is a big house, large commercial premises or public buildings, there is a Megaflo that offers large scale commercial volumes, heat recovery and flow rates to satisfy your every demand. From 400 Litres up to a massive 2,500 Litres storage capacity, our commercial calorifiers are available in indirect and twin coil solar variants, with approved 10 bar working pressures and industry-leading heat recovery times.

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