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Unvented Cylinder with Booster

A chalet bungalow with gravity fed hot water system suffering with poor water pressure to both bathrooms. This is a common problem with traditional gravity systems, especially in bungalows where the head height for the cold water tank is limited. Having checked the mains water pressure and flow, we knew that a water booster would be required.

We recommended a constant pressure, variable speed DAB E.SYBOX pump and break tank. This is an important and essential part of the system; often overlooked by less experienced installers or budget installations. Without the booster, we would not recommend a Megaflo Unvented system. The results would be extremely disappointing! Using one outlet would adversely affect another, and anyone taking a shower at the time would not be happy!

Some observant readers will notice that the cylinder is not actually a Megaflo brand cylinder! This is a Joule Cyclone Unvented Cylinder, which like the Megaflo (and all other unvented cylinders) operate on the same principles to deliver similar high performance.

Most major manufacturers now offer unvented cylinders – some we highly recommend, and others we do our best to avoid! The good ones are all as good as each other with different pros and cons. Joule are certainly in the top league, and have our recommendation for value and quality!

Boiler and Unvented Cylinder

A very high specification heating and hot water system installed in a renovation project in Guildford Surrey. The superb Joule Cyclone Unvented cylinder delivers pressurised water to the 3 bathrooms with superb performance!. We specified an Intergas boiler and Honeywell EVO Home controls allowing individual temperature control to each rooms. Different bedrooms can have their own temperature profile, as can the lounge, dining room, basement, etc. The open plan kitchen/dining room plus the basement were heated with a wet underfloor heating system.

A chalet bungalow with gravity fed hot water system suffering with poor water pressure to both bathrooms. This is a common problem with traditional gravity systems, especially in bungalows where the head height for the cold water tank is limited. Having checked the mains water pressure and flow, we knew that a water booster would be required.

Boiler, Unvented and Accumulator

Old vented floor standing combi boiler unable to supply hot water to the top floor (loft conversion) ensuite. We designed and installed a high specification system with the new advanced Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive boiler, UniStor unvented hot water cylinder and Vaillant vSmart Smart thermostat. This provided a highly efficient heating system. The vSmart controller modulates the boiler according to the outside temperature (weather compensation), the heat loss of the property and the internal temperature reference. A Great Water Accumulator ensured there was sufficient flow to meet demand. A superb top-of-the-range system, that I would happily install in my own home!

Megaflo and Accumulator

Although a little outside our normal service area we always like the challange of something more technical. Following an extensive survey, we designed this system with a small accumulator to boost the cold supply to the Megaflo and cold outlets. The static pressure was good, so a small accumulator feeding the Megaflo provided the ideal solution.

New Megaflo

Customer upgraded to a pressurised unvented system prior to renovating their bathroom. The Megaflo hot water cylinder supplies pressurised hot water to all outlets, whilst the cold outlets are fed directly from the incoming mains water supply.
The other three photos show the (now redundant) water tank (complete with dead spiders), the old hot water cylinder and the damage from the leaking cylinder – thankfully, all now a thing of the past!

Megaflo and Accumulator

High specification Megaflo Unvented system with 250 litre Accumulator which delivers extremely high flow rates to all bathrooms. Existing pipe work re-routed from the loft and airing cupboard to the garage, where the Megaflo and accumulator were installed. Customer now enjoys superb performance from all outlets, and plenty in reserve for extra bathrooms and future expansion.

Electric Unvented

Customer needed to replace their old leaking Megaflo with a newer model. However, the new Megaflos are slightly wider than the older models (due to thicker insulation) so with the restricted access and space available, we recommended the slightly narrower Heatrae Sadia Premier Plus cylinder. Although this has an external expansion vessel, it was the ideal solution. The Premier Plus used to be known as Santon Premier Plus; as it is made by the same company as Megaflo and is has recently been rebranded as Heatrae Sadia Premier Plus.

Boiler - Existing Megaflo

Customer already had a Megaflo Unvented hot water cylinder but wanted to replace their old Potterton Suprima boiler with a modern high efficiency boiler. Apex Plumbing and Heating recommended a Glow Worm Energy boiler with full Weather Compensation controls. An outdoor sensor monitors the temperature and modulates the boiler accordingly. This vastly improves efficiency as the boiler will operate at the minimum temperature required to heat the property; when it’s not too cold outside, the boiler can run at a lower output and not only saves energy, but allows the boiler to run more efficiently by condensing for longer.
The customer has since reported savings of nearly 70%, with their energy supplier suggesting they reduce their monthly payments!

New Megaflo

Upgrade to 250 litre Megaflo Unvented system in Weybridge, Surrey. With a loft conversion and new bathroom, the Megaflo system will provide high pressure hot and cold water to all outlets, including th enew loft bathroom. The hot and cold tappings enable the new bathroom to plumbed in when the extension is complete.

Boiler and Megaflo

Large 300 litre Megaflo unvented cylinder with a top-of-the-range Worcester Bosch 30CDi boiler. A high specification system enabling future expansion and enhacements to the property. We also installed a full-bore manifold set for installation of a premium Dualflo Water Softener.

Boiler and Megaflo

Large, old property previously running an oil boiler. With new mains gas supply, we installed a top-of-the range Worcester Bosch boiler and Megaflo hot water system. The large insulated twin pipes rising from the floor serve an independant heating circuit for the out building/office, and is controlled by a separate internet enabled room stat.

Dual Megaflos and Accumulators

Large property with reasonable water pressure, but extremely poor flow rate! Customer was upgrading both bathrooms and the downstairs shower room.
New purpose built plant room constructed within the loft together with structural works and floor strengthening to support the additional weight.
Installed 2 x Mainsboost accumulators, 2 x Megaflo ECO 250i cylinders and a Charging pump to ensure optimum performance at all outlets throughout the property.

New Megaflo

Replacing a traditional vented hot water system, this Megaflo was certainly a cosy fit in the airing cupboard. With some careful planning and forethought, all components remain accessible for future maintenance!

Electric Megaflo
A small electric Megaflo cylinder to replace a (very poorly) Gledhill thermal store. Installed in a 1 bedroom flat running on Economy 7. A very satisfied customer with no more hot water issues!
New Megaflo

Megaflo system installed in the garage, replacing a failing gravity system located in the first floor airing cupboard. This also freed up the airing cupboard to allow extra space for a nice new luxury bathroom!

Unvented with Accumulator

Large house with 3 bathrooms and numerous noisy and unreliable pumps. Objective was to upgrade to a pressurised water system providing a quiet and reliable system to service all bathrooms. To supplement the incoming mains supply we specified a small accumulator (with provisions for more) to ensure all 3 bathrooms could be used simultaneously without any degradation in performance. Due to the size of the loft hatch, we specified a slimline Telford Tempest unvented cylinder as a Megaflo cylinder would not physically fit through the hatch!

New Larger Megaflo

After this property was extended, the exsting 210 litre Megaflo could not meet the hot water demand, so this was upgraded to a 300 litre Megaflo cylinder. The newer Megaflo ECO cylinders are slightly larger in diameter and after removing the cupboard door, we only just managed to squeezed it through!

Megaflo and Boiler

This two phase project saw the removal of an old vented hot water system from the first floor airing cupboard, and the installation a modern Megaflo system in the loft. The new pressurised water system was part of a extension and refurbishment programme which saw the addition of a new master bedroom and luxury ensuite shower.
Phase two was to move the existing Worcester boiler to the newly created utility room, and re-route pipe work to allow creation of a large open plan kitchen.

Luxury Bathroom

Following the Megaflo installation below, Apex Plumbing and Heating (Megaflo Unvented) were also commissioned to install two bathrooms to the above property.
Below are various photos at different stages of the installation.

Boiler, Megaflo and Accumulator

This property was undergoing total refurbishment. The task was design and install a modern, high specification water system to meet current and future demands of a growing family.
The unvented system comprised a 300 litre Megaflo ECO Plus cylinder (the “ECO Plus” has larger bore connections for higher flow rates and also operates at a slightly higher pressure), a large Mainsboost Accumulator and a Worcester Bosch boiler. Due to the long runs and large pipe sizes, we also installed a secondary hot water circuit using a custom designed manifold system to the hot water delay to the bathrooms.

Boiler and Unvented

This installation comprised an RM Stelflow Solar unvented hot water cylinder, Worcester Bosch boiler and Dualflo Water Softener.
As part of a modernising project, we removed the gravity hot water cylinder from the airing cupboard and installed the unvented hot water cylinder and boiler in the garage. The customer chose the solar cylinder to have the option of installing solar panels at a later date.

Boiler and Megaflo

A fairly typical installation where the customer wishes to upgrade and modernise their water system to provide mains pressure water at all outlets. The obvious choice was a Megaflo unvented system! The old cylinder was located on the first floor airing cupboard, and the gas boiler in the utility room.
We re-routed the pipe work and installed the Megaflo ECO and Worcester Bosch boiler in the garage, together with a high specification Water Softener in the kitchen.

Complete Bathroom

A nice self-contained project of an Economy 7 Megaflo ECO and complete new bathroom.

Leisure Room

This project in Hindhead (Surrey) was to upgrade an outbuilding to create a nice self-contained annex for visiting guests. We installed an Economy7 Megaflo ECO, kitchen sink and shower. There was an existing cloakroom and later works will partition off the different areas.

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