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No. All quotations are FREE of charge and are valid for 30 days.

Usually best to send us an email. Alternatively, call our mobile (07810 094803) or landline number (01252 311003).  If we can’t answer straight away, leave a message and we’ll get back to you asap. 

All details are on our Contacts Page.

Megaflo Unvented are committed to delivering the highest quality of service possible. This means we do not cut corners, we do not use cheap or inferior fittings and we only work to current UK regulations.
We believe we offer excellent value for money, but we do occasionally get it wrong! If you feel we have misunderstood your requirements, we are always happy to discuss competitive quotes to ensure we are quoting like for like

Either! It’s entirely up to the customer. With the vast range of products available on the high street and online, we appreciate that some customers prefer to source their own products. Others prefer us to supply and fit, which reduces the risk of incorrect or missing items, faulty components, etc. However, it is important to refer to our terms and conditions and materials supplied by others policy.

This varies depending on our current bookings, the size of the job and whether we need to order any special items. We will always try and fit in with customer’s requirements, although bookings are made on a first-come-first-served basis.

No, all we need is access to your property and a contact number

We either work at a fixed price or to our hourly rates. We always try to quote a fixed price for the complete job, but where this is not possible we work on a time and materials basis. This generally applies to investigative work or jobs where there is limited access until the job has started

With a fixed price quotation we often need to ‘guess’ and make allowances for any potential problems, that may arise during the job. With an hourly rate, we just get on with the job and charge for time and materials. If it is clear how the job will be carried out, then the prices will work out pretty much the same. Where possible, we normally prefer to quote a fixed price, which generally works better for both the customer and ourselves.

Noise in your plumbing system can be caused by various reasons, but is quite often attributed to the velocity of the water running through the pipes. By reducing the velocity you may reduce the noise. It could be that the system has been designed with undersized pipes or that there are faulty components (stop valves, ball valves, etc) which should be replaced or adjusted as necessary.

Immersion heaters are controlled by a thermostat, and current regulations specify that all new thermostats MUST have a high-temperature safety cut-out. We only fit thermostats that meet the current regulations.
All immersion heaters should be controlled by a thermostat with a built-in over-temperature cut out device, to ensure the water does not boil. An article (Jan 2008) published by WRAS explains the dangers. Click here for more details on the Apex Plumbing and Heating website (opens in new window).
As long as approved products are used, all new immersion thermostats will have a high level safety cut-out.

If you have a cold water storage cistern in the loft and a hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard, then you have a typical gravity-fed system. Your water pressure is determined by the height of your cold water storage cistern in relation to the appliance outlet. For example, a weak shower could be due to low water pressure, but in an ideal world, this could be solved by raising the height of the storage cistern. However, this isn’t always possible and pumps can be used to boost the pressure.

Recommendations are usually a good starting point! Always get several quotes, in writing. Try to get a general feel for the company and look at their overall qualities – contactability, responsiveness, professionalism and integrity. Never use a company who only has a mobile number! Make sure they have a landline and a ‘real’ address on their website. Many companies (even blue-chip public listed ones!) go to great efforts to hide their contact details and they do that for a reason!
Why not contact Megaflo Unvented – we have superb reviews, and can recommend them without any hesitation!

Why Choose Us

At Megaflo Unvented, we do what we say we’ll do. Our integrity and competence values demand this. We are accountable for our words and actions, and that we deliver a service that meets or exceeds all expectations of quality and timeliness.

Customer service is our highest priority and to reinforce this, we adhere to the following guidelines:

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