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Electric immersion heaters are widely used for both traditional vented cylinders as well as newer unvented cylinders.

It is quite common for unvented hot water systems to be heated with electric immersion heaters only. These are known as Direct cylinders and are commonly installed in flats with Economy 7 or Economy 10 heating.

Where economy tariffs are available, we recommend installing dual immersion heaters; one for the economy tariff and the other as an ad-hoc booster for periods when additional hot water is required.

The performance of an unvented hot water system relies primarily on the system design and mains cold water supply. The immersion heater provides the heat source as it would in a traditional vented hot water system.

Electric-only cylinders (or Direct Cylinders) deliver all the benefits of unvented hot water systems; high-performance mains pressure water to all hot and cold outlets, including baths and showers, all without the need for pumps.

Electric Hot Water and Heating
Electromax Boiler

There are now several electric combination units offering pressurised hot water together with electric space heating -typically for radiators or underfloor heating. These are ideally suited to flats or wherever an all-electric solution is required.

For some flats where the original Gas boiler no longer meets Gas fluing regulations, this all electric boiler is the prefect solution. 

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