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Dualflo Water Softener

Megaflo Unvented supply and install the excellent Dualflo Block Salt Water Softener, designed and engineered by UK's No.1 manufacturer. This will give you incredibly soft water - something no single cylinder electric softener can achieve.

Megaflo, and indeed all unvented and mains pressure hot water systems are designed as high performance systems. It is important to minimise any unnecessary reduction in pressure and flow rate, and certainly we as a company, consider when installing any new system. The choice of Water Softener is extremely important; with the wrong product there will be a significant drop in performance affecting all hot and cold outlets. We install (or supply only) the Dualflo Water Softener with a full-bore manifold kit; this ensures we maintain the optimum flow rate through the Megaflo or Unvented hot water system. To-date we maintain our 100% customer satisfaction rating, and we don't anticipate any change in that!

Dualflo water softeners are powered by a highly accurate metering system using water pressure alone. This means they use less salt and water than other softeners on the market, and best of all, require no maintenance or programming.

The technologically advanced design and superb flow rates, make the Dualflo water softener ideally suited to a Megaflo (or Unvented) water system. Furthermore, we always supply a suitable high flow fitting kit with full-bore bypass set, to ensure the very vest performance. Other water softeners may restrict the incoming flow rate and significantly reduce the Megaflo performance.
Dualflo water softeners are built in the UK for British plumbing systems, and will give you many years of excellent, reliable service.

Dualflo water softeners boast many features; they are compact, non electric and use block salt for regeneration. The salt is not used to soften the water, but is used to release the hardness minerals from the resin.
There are no user controls; the regeneration process is automatically initiated according to the water consumption - there is no user intervention required, so nothing to get wrong!

What's the problem?

In hard water areas, excess minerals in your supply can create havoc in the home. Once in your pipe-work, the contaminants can cause a build up of scale and scum which affects everything from your heating system to your kitchen appliances.

Why Soft Water?

waster softener benefits

scaled cylinder

Softened water descales old cylinders too 
You don't have to replace existing hot water cylinders and plumbing. Softened water will descale your pipes and dissolve away all existing scale


Dualflo Softener

How it Works...

Hard water pumped into your home passes through a bed of resin crystal beads in the unit which capture the lime scale and minerals by an ionising process. When the beads become exhausted, they are automatically regenerated by flushing through a salt water solution.

Hard water contains magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca), the cause of scale and scum from hard water. To remove the magnesium and calcium ions, a process called Ion Exchange is used to exchange the magnesium and calcium ions with sodium (Na) ions. By passing the hard water over the resin beads the Ion Exchange process to takes place, resulting in soft water which contains a small amount of sodium (Na).

Once the resin is saturated with magnesium and calcium ions, the Dualflo Water Softener automatically a flushes through a brine (salt solution) to exchange the magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions. This process is call regeneration, after which the resin is recharged with sodium (Na) ions, and ready to continue providing soft water.

Because of its technologically advanced design and unique features, Dualflo has more efficient operation than conventional models, which makes it the best performer on the market.

Water Softener works


Last, but not least; what's the cost?

The Dualflo water softener is available in different configurations to suit the number of bathrooms and occupants. We also supply the most suitable fitting kit (if required) to maximise flow rates to all hot and cold outlets.

Installation costs vary depending on the particular property, the pipe configuration and its layout. The water softener is typically installed near the incoming water main, and whilst the Dualflo softener does not require a power supply, it does require an overflow and drain connection. Installation is generally straightforward and typically completed within a day.

The Dualflo is a high-end water softener. It's competitively priced, and extremely good value. Simply put; Dualflo is the only water softener we would recommend for high pressure water systems!

Give us a call to discuss your requirements. We don't have a sales team as such, but we'll furnish you with the bare facts, and leave you to make an informed decision!

Please contact Megaflo Unvented to arrange a free on-site survey and no obligation written quotation.

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