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Megaflo Service and Maintenance

Megaflo and most unvented hot water systems are extremely reliable, and typically give many years of trouble-free operation.
Having said that, a lot of people don't realise the manufacturers recommended an annual service, primarily to ensure everything is functioning safely and correctly. Furthermore, all unvented cylinders must be installed as a complete package, which includes the mandatory safety devices. These are necessary to protect the system, and ultimately, its users and the property.
The function of the individual components are further explained in our Megaflo Description page, but essentially they ensure the operating temperature and pressure of the cylinder remain within safe limits.

It is extremely important that only genuine components are used when replacing parts of the system. All UK domestic unvented hot water systems are safety tested and certified as a complete unit. This includes the cylinder, pressure reducing valve, expansion relief valve and temperature pressure relief valve which are all essential in maintaining a safe system. Not only does the use of non standard components invalidate the warranty, but more importantly, the system may become unsafe or even potentially dangerous!

Recharging the Megaflo Air Bubble

Megaflo cylinders are designed with an internal air bubble to handle the hot water expansion. Over time, this air bubble will be lost, but can be easily recharged by following the instructions attached to the side of the Megaflo hot water cylinder. The instructions from the Heatrae Sadia website are also shown below:

Megaflo Unvented are fully qualified and experienced to service all unvented cylinders. We only use original and genuine components, which we either hold as stock or can usually get for next day.

Home >> Megaflo Systems >> Installation Issues << Megaflo Service and Maintenance

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