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Megaflo Installation Issues

"poor technical design adversely affects performance, and ultimately users experience"

Any Megaflo or Unvented hot water installation is unique; it is specified and designed for a particular property, layout and application. As unvented cylinders are supplied off-the-shelf, you generally know what to expect in terms of appearance and capabilities; however, the technical design, specification and general infrastructure is down to the specifier or installer. If this is not implemented correctly, the system will suffer with a decrease in overall performance.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure is where significant cost-cutting and short-cuts can be made; smaller pipes and inferior fittings all contribute to restrict the overall performance. Furthermore, these pipes are typically boxed-in or hidden under floors, so upgrading them can involve major rework, disruption and ultimately costs.

We have come across some appalling installations where even with a new larger water main (installed at considerable costs), the system was not correctly designed and simply could not perform adequately. When drawing off any water in the kitchen (washing machine, tap, dishwasher, etc), the flow at any other outlet was halved! The under-sized pipes were laid under a tiled floor, and under the kitchen units!
The temporary solution was a house rule making the kitchen area was of bounds whenever the showers were being used! How inconvenient is that? This worked as long as the dishwasher or washing machine were not already running...
Use Megaflo Unvented, and get it right first time.

A poorly designed system may suffer from any of the following symptoms:

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Although, we have seen many illlegal installations, the problems mentioned above, refer to technical design and installation issues, rather than the safety and legal conditions imposed by the G3 Building Regulations. We would strongly advise that any Megaflo or Unvented Cylinder installation is carried out by a suitably competent person or company, qualified and registered to comply with the current G3 Building Regulations.

Home >> Megaflo Systems >> Electric Only << Megaflo Installation Issues >> Megaflo Service and Maintenance

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